jsCompShaper by jsAudio

jsCompShaper is a flexible soft-knee compressor/waveshaper which can seamlessly morph between these two operating modes. It provides pre-/post-emphasis filtering (similar to a side-chain filter) for frequency-dependent compression and waveshaping, as well as an analog-like attack/release curve. Furthermore, it supports parallel compression and oversampling.


  • Blendable compression and waveshaping in a single plug-in.
  • Variable knee hardness.
  • Frequency dependent compression/waveshaping using a pre-emphasis EQ.
  • Parallel compression via the mix knob.
  • 1x to 16x Oversampling.
  • VU and peak metering of input or output.
  • GR metering.
  • A/B states for quick comparison.
  • Full 64 bit double precision processing.


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