Glitch by Illformed

Glitch is a highly-adjustable, semi-automated, real-time audio manipulation system which allows you to alter your music in a variety of different ways ranging from quite subtle to extremely bizarre. At its heart is a sequencer which synchronizes to the host tempo and slices the incoming audio into user-defined patterns, applying a random selection of DSP effects to each slice.

Even though it is free, you can here this exact plug-in on several high profile songs, such as Avicii’s Levels!


  • Realtime, zero-latency VST plug-in effect.
  • 32-bit internal precision.
  • 9 fully adjustable DSP effect modules.
  • Resonant filter on every effect with low pass, high pass, band pass and band stop modes.
  • Stereo panning, dry/wet mix and volume controls for every effect.
  • 64-step effects sequencer with 16 custom pattern banks.
  • Almost every parameter can be automated.
  • Most main parameters can be controlled via MIDI.

Grab a copy here:


  1. SynthTutor says:

    You can definitely see AVICII using Glitch in some of his interviews online on Youtube. This software rocks !!!

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